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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm kelly swoope. many people moved out of storm shelters and back into their apartments but for many others there will be no return home just yet. jeff is live with more from the dutch village apartments,. >> reporter: forced from their homes about 40 hours ago many of the storm victims will be happy to be sleeping in their own beds tonight. but that won't be the case for all of them. for those who once lived in the more than 50 condemned units, well, they'll still have to seek temporary shelter elsewhere. >> it was a mess. i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: the day after a storm ripped off roofs you could still spot sheets of plywood in the trees as residents returned to see what was left of their homes. >> it was a tornado or something because it blew out the window and as it blew out the window it was like this big shake and after the shake the patio doors came bulging in and then wood from the roofs across the street started coming in. >> reporter: she says her first thought turned to saving her
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children who had been asleep in their upstairs bedroom. when the family emerged from their apartment she spotted her car sandwiched between her neighbor's vehicles. >> the wind or whatever it was lifted my car up from in the front and the front part of my car is on the curb, back part of my car on top of another car and another car on top of that car. >> reporter: as she took inventory of her belongings others returned to hall away whatever they could carry. with those homes condemned they have to find another place to live. they are not happy about it. >> it's not like it was the whole baltimore city. it's not the whole of baltimore city, it's just only 54 units. >> reporter: police are patrolling a four square block area to prevent theft. >> we didn't want anybody to come back and find anything missing. >> reporter: but many of those forced from their holmes are
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concerned. >> well i was told after tonight security won't be here, and the big i temperatures that i couldn't take, i'm not concerned about them. >> reporter: sha kia gill yard became a victim for the second time as she and her family left the apartment through the front door, looters came in the back, through her blown-out patio door. >> they took the flatscreen tv that i had in my living room and they took a couple of my children's things. and that's not covered by insurance. >> reporter: sha kia told us the insurance company told us they would have covered the stolen items if someone had broken into her place but since they were allowed to walk right in because of the damage. >> oh geez. >> it will not be covered. we're told a number of the renters here have no since whatsoever. live in north baltimore,. thanks jeff. the residents of parkville
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continue their clean up efforts throughout the day. verizon workers were fixing downed cables and tree companies were cuting into some of the oaks. weather experts have not determined yet whether it was a tornado but this arbor rift thinks not. >> and all the trees were all blowing in one direction for 95% of them. tornadoes, a strong tornado, will -- spirals so you'll have stuff goin' in every different direction. so i'm not convinced that it was a tornado. >> although the wind damage did create headaches for some residents, major damage in the area was minimal and there were no injuries. now the american red cross continues to take donation toss help people in dutch village struggling to try to make a bad situation better. you can help out families with a donation to the foreign red cross. you can donate $10 just pie texting "react" to 50555 or
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give them a call at (410)624- 2000 to help make a difference. abc 2 will continue following the storm clean up. head to our web site at and for the latest information. you can also check out our facebook fan page. something else you can check out at childrenly, one of our abc 2 meteorologists posted a blog about finding out the answer to exactly what this storm was, let's take a quick look at this thing. bottom line is you could just head there, abc, head over to weather blog, you'll find it here. but more interesting, and i'm gonna -- just as interesting, i'm going to post it on my page later. our friends at accuweather going through the radar imagery capturing this one as the storm blew into the towson area and towards parkville. in this is a velocity loop. where you see the green section here, that is actually a twist in the winds. generally an indication of a possible tornado. so it certainly now is a
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question, this is a side view of the rotation in the storm. it didn't last long but it may have been a brief spit up of a tornado. we're cloudy, cool in the low 50s, a quiet night on the range tomorrow. looking like a dillier day in the upper 40s as we see the chillier winds coming in. we'll talk more about the weekend coming in. >> thanks wyatt. a randall'stown woman was shot nine times by her husband and he barricaded himself inside the home. it happened in the 9500 block of okay trace way. she was able to escape the home along with her 8-year-old son who was not injured. the husband barricaded himself in the house for four hours and it all came to and end when police made entry into the home after 1:00 this afternoon. >> we do know that the suspect is deceased and that the victim in this case, she is still alive, and she is expected to live and she is in critical but
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stable condition at shock trauma. >> police say wilson took his own life. the couple apparently had a history of domestic disturbances, detectives say they had just responded to a couple of domestic calls at the house as recently as tuesday night. a second man is in custody for the man who worked at mr. wings and pizza. last night they arrested 18- year-old shawn johnson, johnson and vincent brunner who is already in custody shot and killed 20-year-old florida during a robbery at the store during the weekend. they both face murder charges. all new details tonight about the man whose body was found inside of a box off of i- 70. as it turns out the victim, gentleman kobe oh vasquez, was shot in d.c., reported missing on friday and found dead on the side of the road tuesday. they have issued an arrest warned for marvin palencia of high atville.
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friends and family are remembering one of baltimore's most beloved boxing trainers. mack lewis, the man who taught scores of baltimore youth to keep their face protected and jab harder and work for a better life died last week. there is a public viewing at 4905 york road from 4:00 until 8:00 tonight. mr. mac's wake will be held at morgan state tomorrow. marylanders, here is a switch for you. the irs owes you money. the irs says it owes 2.1 million in refunds to more than 1600 people right here in our state. they say they are trying to hand out the money be but they can't because of mailing address errors. so they are working with the post office to get the address issues worked out f you think the ors owes you some money call the refund hot line (800)829-1954. . we have taken you into
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dozens of restaurants and dished up the dirt on their kitchens. but now abc 2 news investigate joce sterman is going back to school. josie. >> at some point we have all mocked the lunch lady but the truth is her job is no laughing matter. what happens in her kitchen could impact your kids' health. so we looked behind the serving line going through thousands of reports to see if where your kid eats is safe. we'll take you along as we look at the records for nearly 500 schools in the baltimore area. we looked at their inspection reports to see if they deserve an a for how they handle the foot thaty vice-presidential hits your kids' tray. we also looked at citer violations and discovered many of your kids are sharing crumbs with some teacher's pets. >> as a parent you have a good amount of trust in the school system and what goes on with your children so, sure, it's surprising. >> reporter: coming up at 11:00 we'll tell you which districts get a gold star for their
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efforts in the cafeteria and which ones might be hit with detention for what we found. joce sterman, abc 2 news investigators. every day millions of people decide "today is the day." i will quit smoking. that's easier said than done. on the great american smoke out day we'll tell you how smoking is really killing your looks. although it is still officially autumn folks at the airport are making sure you're ready for winter. how a fib risk lay tore is helping out. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. 58 degrees seasonable, 55 today, not quite a 2-degree guarantee for you. we'll aim for that again tomorrow and weather getting more active in the thanksgiving week. those details still ahead.
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the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we valley in new york and new england, there's
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all right wyatt, listen to this story. snow, the four-letter word we don't want to talk about, we don't want to think about, but let's face it. we have to. the annual snowfall at this your good marshall airport is a little over 18". but last year 77" of snow covered the runway. winter is approaching and they want to be ready. don harrison took a ride in the snow today. >> reporter: it's a nice sunny day at the airport but that's all gonna change soon. rememberthis? [ motors ] >> winter labomir soon. will be labomir son. the snow removal fleet have 75 specialized vehicles for snow removal and it takes a lot of
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training to operate them. they've had this simulator for two years that can help crews learn on nearly all the trucks. while most months are not snowy, clearing the runways at the airport takes preparation year recreation round. >> very sensitive situation, they have to be totally on their game all the time. >> it the recreate day or night time in any type of weather and it helps when the driver makes the mistake here instead of on the runway in the middle of the storm. >> as you can see it is leaving a bit behind after you get a line out of formation. you have to go back and pick it up or somebody behind me in formation can pull out of line and pick up what i missed. >> reporter: with all this equipment in the snow there is a lot going on at once. >> planes landing, taking off, tax seeing on the surface, you have refueling trucks, contractors, tugs, baggage carts, all moving around at the same time. >> reporter: when the real storm hits they bring out the big gear.
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this is a $700,000 truck they call va moose. >> you can plow, groom, and below snow all in one operation. >> reporter: i'm in their va moose. it's the biggest piece of equipment they have. they say if that happens they will be ready for:at bwi marshall i'm don harrison, abc 2 news. >> rocky ride but, again, just a simulation, nobody was hurt. this year airport officials are encouraging people to park in the garages, they want travelers to use the covered parking so it will make snow removal in the other parking lots easier, not to have them to plow around the parked cars, therefore over 11,000 covered spaces and they want you to take advantage of them. well for families hitting the roads over the holidays the number 1 priority is keeping the kids entertained. but don't worry, we're working to keep the shouting matches at a minimum and the ride to grandma's house as pleasant as possible.
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on our web site we have an entire section dedicated to holiday travel. all you have to do is click on the lifestyles tab and travel and everything you need for the nice quiet trip is right there at your fingertips. you'll find it at now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> join us with some breaking news from the weather department, huh. >> it's interesting kelly. they are now saying, the national weather service in washington, declaring that that storm that hit the parksville area to be a tornado. >> tornado? >> yeah. which would be technically on the scale of zero to 5, but still a strong one, winds to 100 miles per hour. the path width of this thing just 250 yards wide. >> really. >> so very narrow path. and that's why you look at one side of the street, nothing. >> uh-huh. >> the other side two-by-fours into the side of the wall. and the path was very short, just under a half a mile it was
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down. so it was a, you know, half a mile relative to tornadoes that can track for miles is a very brief touch-down, which we're glad, but -- >> could have done more damage. >> three minor injuries, know fatalities and no major injuries in the storm. >> now it's official. >> yes. a rare baltimore tornado and one that came in overnight. there is one more image of it overnight kelly. that was the line at 1:30 a.m. wednesday morning and at the tip of that thing, which is tough to make out sometimes, it does look like we had, well we did have a tornado in baltimore. unusual to say the least. >> let's take a look right now across the city tonight, crystal clear, no weather or headaches out there tonight, good news. temperature 49 degrees, winds west at 9:00, let's show you a look at baltimore through the day today. i mean what a contrast. 36 hours or so can make.
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a mixture of sun and clouds, good looking weather on the whole though, breezy and chilly out there tonight. >> maryland's powerful radar, 5 sweeps in action finding nothing, not anywhere near the activity of the last couple of days, winds have been light and out of the north and west through the day. a bit of a chill factor going on. baltimore 48 in easton and 26 out in western maryland. so chilly stuff to say the very least. highs today running in the mid- to upper 50s and i want to zoom in here a little bit. a few neighborhoods, talking low to mid-50s at best tomorrow. randall's town to dundalk a chilly scenario, low 50s also. so satellite radar trend, i want to show you cloudy at the moment. drizzle up in pennsylvania, a little bit of a wintery mix up here towards areas south of pittsburgh. let them have it. but some of us could get into western maryland, maybe put
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down a few flurries tonight. out towards frostburg, maybe into hagerstown. clearing actually and frontal boundary knocking on the door will usher in cooler weather tomorrow. the briefer milder day we have today is not going to hold. today we struggled to get out of the 40s mostly today. you can see the wind chill factors up across the northern tier states, 35 what it looks like in detroit, chicago, colder air marching in our direction, this is a beginning of a big shift towards thanksgiving day as the pattern gets more active and colder. also future forecast clearing the skies tomorrow. we should see some sunshine friday afternoon. a good weekend set up, enjoy this weekend, sunshine and 50, next week end even though it's turkey day and family and friends and it's freight, going to be much cold are for the weekend. tomorrow we're talking about 52, mostly sunny, refreshingly cool tomorrow night, 37 mostly clear. let's take a look ahead at the weekend here on the seven-day
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forecast. mid-50s, sunshine, really a nice crisp november weekend. weather gets way more active toward the big travel day on wednesday, rain, some big snow storms in the north, and thursday it looks much colder. kelly? >> thanks a lot wyatt. well today is the great american smoke out. the american cancer society wants to help people find support and resources to quit and make this their first day on that journey. within the first 24 hours of quitting smoking they say your body actually starts getting healthier. and if you have been thinking about quitting and you need a little bit of motivation, kristi paul tells us how smoking can affect the way you look and feel. >> reporter: smoking not only damages your lungs, it can damage your looks. >> kind of a sick end appearance to the skin. and the skin becomes a little more courser and yellowish looking. >> the face wrinkles prematurely and takes on a sun
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damaged look. not exactly what 31-year-old matt allen wants to hear. he has been smoking on and off for 9 years. >> i would love to be able to give it up. it is not glamorous or pretty. >> reporter: it can also change the looks of other parts of the body. >> nails, coors hair, yellow teeth, not all of that completes a knot a pretty picture. >> reporter: hinote advertised yell owing of his teeth but he is also concerned about aging. >> reporter: >> i don't want to look beyond my years. if i'm 31 i want to look 31, i don't want the look 60 or 65. >> matt has tried to stop smoking several times and he is now determined to kick the habit. >> don't smoke, don't start, don't ever pick one up. >> reporter: not only might it shorten your life. but it can make you look old before your time. for today's health minute i'm kristi paul. the world's largest company sher market is proudly saving you right here in baltimore. the 7-mile market in pike is
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still the home to the largest kosher market with 55,000 square feet of space. one shopper who has traveled all over the world says this market gets his vote hands down. >> this is homongous and i have been around the world traveling here and there and even in israel, it's -- our muncie or new york city, we don't find an entire store this size all kosher. it's more than one would want, more than you need, and enough to fill your refrigerator until pass over. >> the original 7-mile market catered to the large jewish population with items that can't be found anyplace else. this offers that plus all the amenities of a full-service supermarket. have to check that place out. check out how the drive home is looking tonight. show you a live picture, 695 and liberty road not too pretty in either direction. we'll be right back after this.
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>> storm gear and promotional consideration provided pie l.l. bean. over
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all right kelly. chilly out there, breezy tomorrow, cooler day actually. some sunshine, but we struggled to get out of the 40s so dress warm. again, just to reiterate, that storm in parksville now a tornado. the details at facebook and
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also abc 2 news. >> we're back at 11:00. thanks for joining us, see you at 11:00. >> good night, or we'll see you tonight too. ññ
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